the jewel network androgyny suits you max
androgyny suits you max
Oi nah
true as fuck zodiac aries: lovable but still a lil bitch
taurus: p cute but probably sacrifices hamsters to satan in their free time
gemini: crayola as fuck
cancer: rude as hell and not to be trusted with shit
leo: cutest ever
virgo: really deep and doesn't take any shit
libra: weird as hell omg
scorpio: probably satan
sagittarius: cute and very sweet
capricorn: to be avoided bc they're like taurus but they probs talk about their hamster sacrifices
aquarius: charming but hella strange once you know them
pisces: even more crayola than gemini

Shopparella Fashion Outlet
Oil and Acrylic on Cardboard 19 x 25 cm
Lying on da floor cause I am feeling LOW

image of Princess Diana on a yacht in Portofino, Italy, in August 1997.

Women of the IRA, Alex Bowle, Northern Ireland, 1977